About Me

I'm  an award winning wildlife photographer based in the UK. The natural world has always been a passion for me and an ambition from a young age to spend as much time in the outdoors amongst the wildlife I so love to be around.

When I'm not with my family, I spend my time out in the field photographing the local wildlife. It isn't until you 'get out there' that you discover the wonderful wildlife and nature there is to be seen around you. I am very particular about the style of my images, most of which have taken months of work and tireless dedication in the field in order to capture them. I'm a big advocate of fieldcraft and getting to know the subjects behaviours and patterns before introducing the camera, so when that moment comes and all the effort pays off, then this provides me with lasting memories.

I love working in the wild and I love close encounters with wild animals but I always put the animals welfare before a photo. All to often you see the opposite, with some photographers   causing huge disruption in order to obtain a photo. This behaviour I'm totally apposed to and I like to set an example of what can be achieved with a lot of time and patience in the field and respect for wildlife.

I'm particularly fond of photographing owls, for which I'm best known, plus spending time in Scotland where the wildlife and nature photography opportunities are endless.

Finally, my wife has been a huge support and source of encouragement with all my photography adventures. Although I predominately carry out the my photography on my own, if the weather is fine and not to cold, then she is always there supporting and putting up with me dragging her through all sorts of landscapes and situations. She's a very patient lady, especially as I spend a lot of time away from home..

I hope you enjoy my website and the work displayed here. I really love to engage with people in this area and keen to receive feedback, so please do get in touch with me.

" When ever the pressures of work and life get on top of you - get back to nature. It's a wonderful way to spend your time and put life in perspective. "

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