My tips on finding and photographing owls

One of the most common questions I receive about my wildlife photography is "how do I locate and photograph owls in the wild?"

This simple answer is that there is no magical method to finding owls in the wild and although I'm best known for my owl photos, they do take a lot of time, effort and planning in order to capture them. It's not unusual for me to go weeks, sometimes months before I see an owl and no matter how experienced you are - it's never easy. That's the same for all widlife photography though as I'm sure you know and are well aware of !!

Saying that, there are a few simple ways which can be used to increase your chances and these are some of them that I have found useful over the years.

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Season of the Short eared Owl

As summer passes into autumn, I wait in anticipation for the arrival of the majestic Short- eared Owl. Living in Central England, resident 'Shorties' are a rare occurrence and the best chance of catching up with one is to await the migrant visitors who make the annual flight over from Scandinavia and Russia. The timing of their arrival varies from season to season. As soon as sightings start to be reported, I eagerly plot their movement as they distribute themselves across the country.

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Wildlife Diaries - Photographing Little Owls

Well, we're now well into the Little Owl season and as in previous years, I'm regularly visiting the owl site which I've come to know so well. Rather than write a lengthy blog on my photographic techniques of Little Owl photography, at this moment in time, I just wanted to focus on creating a weekly diary where you can follow my recent images plus a few of my comments and thoughts on how I think the week has gone. At the end of the season, I hope to summarise in a larger blog how I captured the seasons owl images in a step by step guide.

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