Wildlife Diaries - Photographing Little Owls

Well, we're now well into the Little Owl season and as in previous years, I'm regularly visiting the owl site which I've come to know so well. Rather than write a lengthy blog on my photographic techniques of Little Owl photography, at this moment in time, I just wanted to focus on creating a weekly diary where you can follow my recent images plus a few of my comments and thoughts on how I think the week has gone. At the end of the season, I hope to summarise in a larger blog how I captured the seasons owl images in a step by step guide.

Little Owl talons out landing.jpg

Unlike in past years where the Little Owl images I've captured have been highly planned, this year it's been far less thought out and planned due to the large amount of projects I'm trying to juggle. Saying that though, I have wanted to capture a different style of Little Owl image this year as to me there's little point in keep repeating the same shot over and over again. Its always good to push yourself, camera techniques and just get creative to bring a fresh look to your images. With luck this year, I have portrayed that and shared images that you all like.

So what's next?

Fingers crossed over the coming week or so, the Owlets will start to make an appearance. This will really be the finale of the Little Owl season and something I really look forward to. In 2017, they behaved very differently compared to previous years being very elusive. I hoping this year I can make up for that and capture those intimate moments when they venture out into the big wide world and start to discover the area around them. At this point I may switch to wide angle images and bring a new perspective on them in their world.

As I said at the beginning - its a very short posting this time. Please follow along and do leave me a comment as I really value your thoughts and ongoing support. Perhaps you could leave me a comment with suggestions of articles you'd like to see in the future. You may even have your own photography challenges which you'd like to discuss and gain some help. I'll leave it to you.

Until next time - please share, leave a comment and - BYE FOR NOW !